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Tricky Imports

Nana Toridori

Nana Toridori

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You are a guide at a castle where a bird party has just concluded. You are helping the birds return home.

The goal is to play all of the cards in your hand quickly and not be the last remaining player to have unplayed cards. You cannot rearrange the cards in your hand. You may pass to pick up a card from the deck to place anywhere in your hand, or choose to pick up the most recently played card(s) when you play your own.

You can play any number of cards with the same numerical value as long as they are adjacent to each other in your hand. Not only is the hierarchy of cards based on the card's rank, but hierarchy is also stronger with more cards in the set.
Example: 2 < 5 < 3,3 < 6,6 < 2,2,2 < 1,1,1,1

Ending a round as the last remaining person with cards loses you a penguin meeple; lose both meeples and you lose the game--everyone else wins!

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