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National Budget Werewolf

National Budget Werewolf

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Does not include English rules.

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National Budget Werewolf is a hidden identity trick taking game, a combination of mafia and older partnership trick takers like Napoleon with a few twists thrown in.

The theme of this game revolves around two teams: the prime minister team who is after the national budget (literally composed of predators) and the influential team that is trying stop them. The prime minister is decided by a bid at the beginning of the game, where players go around in circle, saying how much money of the national budget they think they can win. The highest bidder becomes the prime minister and decides what roles to give to each player.

The deck is composed of 3 suits of cards and suit-less money cards. It is a pseudo-may-follow trick taker, as while you must-follow the lead suit if you want to play a suited card, you can instead play a money card (regardless of if you can follow or not) which will go to the winner of the trick. These money cards also act as a lifeline, because if you ever cannot follow and are out of money cards, you are immediately exiled from the game (though you give your earned money to another player).

Does it have English rules?

Many of these games are from non English speaking countries. It is safe to assume that most of these games do not include an English rulebook in the box. Translations for many of these games can be found on

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