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Charms is a trick-taking card game with two decks, one for numbers and one for 4 suits. The decks are shuffled together and players are dealt a hand of 13 cards from the mix. You need at least 3 suit cards and 3 number cards in your hand to begin. Then players play a trick-taking game with trumps, after first predicting how many tricks they will win.

The first play is two cards, a number and suit card. After that, you play one card, a number or a suit card, so that your other card still shows. In this way, you play out 12 tricks and score plus or minus points depending on your prediction. It is recommended to play out 8 games of Charms to get a balanced match.

Does it have English rules?

Many of these games are from non English speaking countries. It is safe to assume that most of these games do not include an English rulebook in the box. Translations for many of these games can be found on

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