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Dog Tag Trick

Dog Tag Trick

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Dog Tag Trick is a trick-taking game to have your dogs compete in various events and win at a dog show.

1. Deal the dog cards. (3 players: 11 cards each / 4 players: 9 cards each / 5 players: 7 cards each)
2. Determine the lead player. Then, beginning with the lead player, take turns to play up to 2 cards.
3. If the lead player plays 2 cards, the lead player and subsequent players who follow suit and play 2 cards of the same type of combination can compete in the main event. However, you can still compete in the sub event by playing 1 card.
4. In the main event, the #1 and #2 players get 3 pts and 1 pt respectively. In the sub event, the #1 player gets 1 pt.
5. The winner of this mini-game (trick) will be the lead player of the next trick.
6. Play the tricks repeatedly until someone has exhausted their hand of cards (1 round). In the final trick, the #1 player in the main event gets 5 pts. (The #1 player in the sub event gets 1 pt as usual.)
7. The game ends after playing a number of rounds matching the number of players. Then the player with the highest total score wins.

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