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Gem Stone Tablet

Gem Stone Tablet

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Description from the publisher

Players use mysterious stone tablets with magical powers to increase the number of three types of magical jewels: red, blue, and yellow. The aim is to be the first to collect the type and number of gems depicted on the target tile that is distributed to each player.

The stone tablets are basically all face down, and you won't know whether the gems will increase or decrease until you turn them face up. All you have to do is memorize the location of the stone tablet you want to use, but it's not that easy as the location of the stone tablet moves frequently.

Also, players can use gem magic by consuming the gems they have only once on their turn. Gem magic includes things like seeing the surface of stone tablets and getting in the way of other players, which can give you an advantage in the game.

This is a game where tactics and strategy are more important than memory skills, such as keeping up with the location of the stone tablets that you need, and casually placing the stone tablets that other players may need in places that are difficult to use.

You can freely change the difficulty level of this game by changing the type and number of stone tablets used, or by adopting special rules. When playing for the first time or with a group of people who are not good at memorizing, you can play a simple game using only 9 stone tablets, and when you have played a few times and become accustomed to it, you can play a more difficult game using 25 stone tablets. There are countless!

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