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Just Heroes

Just Heroes

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As a hero defending the city, the player tries to fight off the attacking villains. Just Heroes is a must-follow trick-taking game, and the hero with the highest number in his suit is the one who performs the best attack.

The hero using the highest number of attributes (suits) is the most successful. If the total number of cards played is much higher than the villain’s resistance, the damage to the city will occur and the hero’s fame is reduced. If the total number of cards played is less than the villain’s resistance, all the heroes’ fame is reduced. The heroes, together, need to attack the villain “just right”.

In addition, heroes have an “attack limit.” No matter how powerful a hero is, they can’t keep fighting at full strength. If a hero keeps winning through trickery, they will become exhausted and collapse.

The winner of the game is the hero who “moderately” wins the battle against the villain and protects the city.

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