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Last Penguin

Last Penguin

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Last Penguin is a party game from Japan.

In this Twister-like game using fingers, players take turns drawing a secret gift card, secretly checking what's on it, placing the card anywhere they like on the table, then placing one or more fingers on it and inviting other players to do the same. As more cards are placed on the table, a player might decide to move a finger from one card to another. When only one player has a finger on a card, they claim it and discover what they've won — or sometimes "won".

The cards have values from +7 to -3, or they contain an action, such as discarding an acquired card, releasing a finger, or commanding another player to release a finger. Beauty cards are worth +6 pts, but if you collect a second one, it's worth -3 pts. The top hat is worth +1 pt, but if you place it on your head and keep it there until game's end, you get +5 pts instead.

Players are not allowed to move the draw deck or placed cards, and are meant to use all the fingers of one hand, if possible. A player may also use fingers on their other hand as long as they can still draw on their turn.

The player with the most points wins.

Does it have English rules?

Many of these games are from non English speaking countries. It is safe to assume that most of these games do not include an English rulebook in the box. Translations for many of these games can be found on

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