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Paradominetor is a trick-taking game from Japan, with a sci-fi theme of time paradox. Players represent various time-travel organizations that are seeking to reach the Space-Time Management Bureau first.

The game is played with chips instead of cards, and these chips are kept behind a player's screen. One side of the chip shows the suit and rank, and the other side shows the time: past, present, or future. Each chip is unique in the game.

Players follow suit as in a normal trick-taking game, but when chips with the same suit and rank are played, they become trump and are resolved based on their time phase; the earliest phase wins the trick, with the latter one earning half a trick.

After fifteen tricks, the player with the highest score wins.

Does it have English rules?

Many of these games are from non English speaking countries. It is safe to assume that most of these games do not include an English rulebook in the box. Translations for many of these games can be found on

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