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Tricky Time Crisis

Tricky Time Crisis

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Tricky Time Crisis is a trick-taking game for 3-5 players with a Superhero and Time theme. It is a can't follow trick-taking game, where each player must play a different suit to the trick. If more that one card of the same suit would be played to a trick, two copies of the same person are in the same timeline and a paradox occurs with the hand ending early.

In this game a time-jumping super villain named Dr. Tricky-Time is trying to destroy the timeline and it’s up to a group of heroes named Kid Cuckoo (the rookie), Double Take and Double Time (a pair of twins with the powers to double the speed of time or slow it by half), Doc Tock (a scientist in the body of a dog or perhaps just a dog that became a scientist), and the Daylight Saver (leader of the team) to try and stop him.

—description from the designer

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